An offer will typically include:

  • Your legal name, the name of the Seller and the legal address and description of the property.
  • The purchase price offered.
  • The chattels that will be included in the purchase price (e.g.: window coverings, appliances, satellite dish, appliances, etc.). Whatever items in or around the home that you think are included in the sale should be specifically stated in your offer.
  • The amount of deposit (generally a minimum of 5% of the purchase price).
  • Request for a survey of the property.
  • Date when the offer becomes null and void (known as the irrevocable).
  • Any other conditions that go with the offer such as Home Inspection and Condition of Finance, a copy of the Title Search, a copy of the Property Disclosure Statement, Strata Documents if it is a strata property.

As your sales representative, I will provide you with all the comparable properties that have recently sold so that you can make an informed decision on what price you will offer to the Seller.

** The diagram below outlines the entire process for you in detail.